And from the swirling darkness…

… a figure appears.

Yep, I’ve decided to join the masses and start a blog! Which is very exciting for me, if not for you (well, yet, anyway. I’m hoping it will be, if not exciting, then at least interesting and possibly informative). Since this is my first entry, I guess I’d better introduce myself. My name is Claire (my online handle is Elysia, after an ages-old roleplaying character of mine) and I am a writer, an artist, a mother, a wife, a teacher… many different things, really. But for the purposes of this blog, let’s concentrate on the writing and the artwork (and how to juggle them (or not) when you’ve got two ankle-biters hanging off you and you work a stressful job).

I am currently revising my first proper novel – a fantasy rather tentatively entitled Dragonsoul. I also write Lovecraftian short stories and novella length tales. I am as yet unpublished, but I am seeking to remedy that this year – in 2012, I am hoping the stars are indeed right! (Well, I’ve got to get myself out there before the Great Renewal, don’t I?). I am still learning how this blog-malarkey works, so bear with me and expect changes whilst I play with things… I am aiming to update weekly (sanity permitting, of course), so I’ll, err, see you then.

Good writing,


2 thoughts on “And from the swirling darkness…

  1. John Taylor says:

    The stars seem right to me, Claire. Anyone who can hyper-multi-task in the way you can deserves success.

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