How you turn my world, you precious thing…

And to cheer up my day, here’s a picture of David Bowie in tight trews

Ahem. Such an education for a young girl.

Anyway, that’s enough Bowie-area distraction, ‘cos the important bit isn’t His Bulgeness, but the Labyrinth behind him. And if you’re currently writing / rewriting / revising your story, you’ll know what I mean.

I realised something last night, and it scared me a bit.

My writing style is changing.

Like the Labyrinth, it’s on the move, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

In a way, it’s kind of annoying me. It kind of implies there was something wrong with my ‘old’ style, and it means that I now have a novel of two halves – the bits I’ve re-written recently, and the bits I re-wrote when sleep was a blissful fact of life (i.e. before Emily came along). And so I now have not only the task of sewing up the gaping holes of my plot after my rather exuberant evisceration exercise (it was too brutal to call it mere editing), of adding in all the bits I had forgotten the first time round and all the general revising / editing of the stuff I actually want to keep, I now have to make sure all the bits have the same voice.

You know, I think Sarah had the easier task… at least she got to Oggle Jareth’s Boggle!

*trudges back off to the Labyrinth armed with a red pen…*


(Oh, and I’m thinking of what I might actually call this novel (Dragonsoul is thename of the trilogy, because I am nothing if not arrogantly optimistic about these things). So far, A Cuckoo in the Nest is winning. Although I did write ‘Cockoo’ just then. Uh, whoops?)

3 thoughts on “How you turn my world, you precious thing…

  1. Skylark says:

    See, I just never got that whole Bowie thing. Not for me. *Shudder* But I understand the labyrinth analogy having been up and down those blooming stairs in all different directions over the last few years. My writing style has changed enormously – for the better, I hope. I think the most important change that has occurred is linked to the fact that I’ve now found my ‘voice’ and I know what it does and how it sounds. I don’t think my writing had a very strong identity before that happened. The voice was there in places but it was inconsistent.

    • Ahh, the Bowie thing – it’s definitely a Marmite Moment, isn’t it? Let’s just say between him and Robin Hood, my penchant for the ‘rock star’ look was developed early on… ^^D

      I will admit, I don’t really know where I am right now. I thought I had a voice – readers of old work would always comment on how they knew my work, and that it had it’s won voice, but now that voice is changing, and it’s a bit scary. Like the Labyrinth. My sentences are getting shorter, my writing more to the point. On one hand, this may mean I’m becoming more socially acceptable – but on the other, am I just selling out?! Scary times!!

  2. Skylark says:

    Mmmmm, now Robin Hood, that’s another one altogether. I lost count of how many times I watched *that* film. 😉
    Scary, yes, but nothing is set in stone. Go with it and see where it takes you. You can always retrace your steps a bit of you end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

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