The Bother In Burmeon

Exciting news! SP Moss’ first book, The Bother in Burmeon, is due out soon (April 11th), and she is having a book launch at the Brooklands Aviation Museum:

SP Moss is a Word Cloud friend of mine, and if I can get childcare sorted, I am really looking forward to going to this.

The Bother in Burmeon is a retro-style adventure for 9-12s, set in the S.E.Asia of 1962. With more than a nod to Biggles and other Boy’s Own classics, it’s a ripping yarn choc-a-block with danger, beasts, bombs, baddies – and some jolly good chaps. (Taken from the book launch website, and I couldn’t say it better myself!)

Facebook page: 

It’s just so wonderful to hear of this kind of success… I hope  Susan knocks the socks of everyone. Needless to say, my pre-order is in! ^^D




6 thoughts on “The Bother In Burmeon

  1. kate Robinson says:

    It’s always great to hear stories like this, keeps me going half the time.

  2. SecretSpi says:

    Hope to see you there and many thanks for spreading the bother about a bit!

  3. John Taylor says:

    Hope to be there too – just brilliant!

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