I’m being published!!

After a, quite frankly, crappy few days running up to going back to work, I was feeling a little down this evening. And then I received this email:

Dear Ms. Waller, Congratulations, we would like to use your story, “When the Moon Hangs Fat” for an upcoming edition of either Dark Moon Digest, our horror quarterly, or Dark Eclipse, our monthly emag. If this works for you, I will get you an edited copy of your story here soon. Thank you for your submission to Dark Moon, and I look forward to your reply.

Can I squee? SQUEEEE!!!!!!!! My first story, in print!

Okay, so it’s only a short story, but it’s a start… I can undertake my first proper day back at work (tomorrow – today I just prepared) with a smile on my face now!

10 thoughts on “I’m being published!!

  1. Gerry Fenge says:

    Excellent! (And I’m so glad you went ‘squee’ – so much more ‘it’ than mere squealing…)

    • Thank you, Gerry – it’s nearly a week later (sorry for late reply – getting back to work this week, and that has kind of taken over!) and I still can’t quite believe it… 🙂

  2. John Taylor says:

    RumbleRattleBumpBoomRattle! (Sorry, Claire, that’s the sound of me dancing on the table. I hope it doesn’t wake the little ones.)

  3. kate Robinson says:

    Yay! You must be so pleased! I’m well chuffed for you!!

  4. Mcallan says:

    Fantabulous news! Much deserved. Were there any hunky warriors in the story me wonder?

    • Thanks, MacDaddy! And lol… no, no hunky warriors in this one – they’re reserved for longer tales, where I can really perv- uh, I mean, develop their characters. *Cough* Tee hee!

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