Rewriting Nonsense

Haven’t updated in a while – my maternity leave finished at the end of April, and I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to readjust to being a productive member of society again. Needless to say, I’m knackered (and just a bit bewildered).

But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing. I’m still slogging away, rewriting my novel (plus writing a few short stories), and I’ve made in interesting discovery.

Give me a pen, a notebook and a printed copy to edit, and I’ll happily sit and revise / rewrite all day. But when it comes to typing up all of these rewrites, forget it. I quite literally have 20+ pages of rewrites and edits sitting in my notebook, but for some reason, I just cannot face tying them up. It’s like the computer screen sucks out all my enjoyment and creativity.

It’s not a new phenomenon – typing stuff up is always a trial for me. I have read it’s down to typing engaging different parts of the brain than handwriting (but I could just be talking bollocks – I’m so distracted at the moment I can’t tell!), but recently it’s reached ridiculous levels.

So, in a bid to get over this, I have signed up for the Self Edit Your Novel course with The Writer’s Workshop. I’ve been a member of their community, The Word Cloud, for a few years now and have found it a useful, supportive place. I’m hoping this course will give me a bit of confidence that, contrary to popular belief, I do have a clue as to what I am doing, and maybe, just maybe, help me sort out this rewriting problem.

Although the irony that in order to participate fully and get as much out of this course as I can, I need to get those rewrites typed up is not lost on me…

Push on, dear writers! Push on! Faint heart never won fair, uh, agent. Or something like that.