Work – life balance? Don’t make me laugh!

Gosh, it’s been a while. When I last posted, life was relatively easy and I could juggle the work and life and writing and all the stuff in between.

Then September happened.

Without going into gory detail (that and I know I will go off on one BIG rant), life no longer exists. Only work is permitted. And I can’t say too much else. I’m sure you all understand (they listen, you know…).

But I’ve decided I am going to fight back. I’m fed up of doing nothing but plan, mark, plan, mark, plan, mark, mark, mark, plan, mark. I’m going to try to claw back my life.

So, yeah! Hello, life – it’s been a while, but I’m going to make more of an effort to be with you from now on. Because, no matter what They might lead you to believe, a job is just that. Just a job.

It also helps that I had another story accepted for publication last week, and Black Smokers (sci fi / Lovecraftian horror)  is finally ready to tart up and send out to some poor unsuspecting publishers. Fingers crossed!

Viva la revolution!

One thought on “Work – life balance? Don’t make me laugh!

  1. Hideous stuff, schoolteaching. Or, to put it another way, too much of a good thing – with hideous results. In my case, the brain is cooked (with a capital ‘f’) so any writing I do results in utter exhaustion. If I’d got out five years earlier I might have been more intact, but as it is the fatigue is chronic.

    So along comes a great idea for a book. I go charging into it. For a week, two weeks, three if I’m lucky (only a couple of hours a day, mind you) but by that stage the battery is utterly flat and any attempts to carry on are counter-productive.

    That’s why I rarely appear on the Word Cloud nowadays – got to guard my dregs of stamina. That’s why I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off writing now – got to let the battery recharge.

    And the book? Into the freezer, with the quorns and pizzas and frozen veg.

    Sorry to grumble but maybe you’ve got to be warned. As the doggerel goes:-
    Sex drugs ‘n’ rock and roll/ Allegedly they hurt the soul/ But worse yet for any poor creature/ Is work as an English teacher.

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