Being Published, Being Rejected and Being (Technically) Unemployed…

And again, it’s been a while! But it’s been a while for a reason. Y’see… I gave up my job. Yep, that’s right – I am no longer teaching. Why? For many reasons.

1 – my work/life balance was seriously out of whack. I have two young daughters, but work was trying to insist that it, not them, was the more important. So, as the actress said to the bishop, fuck that shit.

2 – Black Smokers was accepted for publication. Yep – that’s right… Black Smokers is going to be a book! A fucking, bona-fide book! It’s being released 1st September 2013, by Damnation Books. As soon as I have any links etc, I’ll let you all know 😉

3 – On the back of Black Smokers, another Indie publisher (who I had to turn down because they said they were going to offer me a contract after I told them I had accepted Damnation Books) offered me a three book deal. Yep, you read that right. Three books. All about sea monsters and dinosaurs (because those things rule). I’ve started writing one: Predator X. So, yeah… hence the ‘technically’ unemployed, because whilst don’t have a day job any more, I definitely have a hobby-job!

4 – I’m querying Dragonsoul. This is where things get a bit tricky and depressing, because querying agents is a lot more stressful and heartbreaking than I imagined it would be. Trying to convince someone to just take that chance… it’s hard. 6 rejections so far, but I’m not bitter – seriously, I’m not. I know DS is a good tale, and it just needs to land on the right desk (… I just wish I knew whose desk that was!). And then there is also Moreau (which my friend Jane has kindly agreed to type up for me, because I just don’t have the time), so if DS falls flat on its face, well, maybe that’ll do better. We’ll see.

So, yeah… lots going on! And lots to get my head round. Hence the lack of updates. To say I am in a new phase right now is a bit of an understatement. Watch this space for updates!!



6 thoughts on “Being Published, Being Rejected and Being (Technically) Unemployed…

  1. Oh good, the blog lives again. My own blog periodically dies then resuscitates – always nice when it does. And well done for kicking the job – should aid the longevity. We feared going job-share – halving the income, that sort of thing – but we humans adapt. That’s why we (as a species, not specifically my family) thrived in the Ice Age – give us a problem and we get smarter.

    Hope Damnation Books and your other publisher (hey, it’s not bad having *two*!) are good to you. They sound nice enough from what you say. And just think – you’ll be read by people you don’t know, have never met, feel no link of friendship with you. Your babies will be leaving the family home. Exciting for them…

  2. Iankos says:

    I totally agree about the work life balance and the jacking it in to jot down ones darkest innermost thoughts. It’s a different kind of unemployment I’m finding and much more inspiring than scanning job ads with little inspiration to apply for any of them. I always knew we were kindred spirits. Much love x

    • I’m finding it hard to wrap my head round at the moment… No school in September? Writing is now allowed – nay, compulsory? Weird! Then there’s the ‘not earning’ thing, which I’ve never experienced before. But I am lucky in the Grant is totally supporting me in this; he knows how important it is for me to try, and to just have this opportunity is amazing. Life is more than working, and you are NOT your job, no matter how much society tries to convince you otherwise!! Big hugs and love back, my dear xx

  3. Thanks, Gerry. I decided enough was enough – for now, at least. Hubby was the one who made my mind up for me; as soon as I received the ‘yes’ from Damnation Books, he said ‘just give it a try’. So I’m taking a couple of years out to be a mother and try my luck at this writing lark. If I make enough, you never know, I may not go back. But either way, there’s always supply is money gets tight… 😉

    I was surprised, to say the least, that two publishers were interested. A third also said they liked what they saw of Black Smokers, and to please send anything else I might have. So even though the mainstream feels very daunting and closed-off right now (not many agencies out there for genre fiction – it’s all literary fiction, thrillers, women and crime!), there’s still an avenue. Which is a comfort and a relief!

  4. I believe in you and your stories, you have what it takes. Keep that upper lip stiff and stay the course.
    Hard times will come, no doubt, but you will overcome in the end. Remember, you are not alone. The cloud will always be there for you,

    Best regards,

  5. Thanks, Khal…still thinking of others even though you’ve got plenty to worry about right now! I hope your little one is continuing to grow stronger, and your little family is doing well. I managed to miss your Cloud blog (I read it last night and I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears over it…), so I’ll say it here – what you’ve been through will always be up there with the most amazing and the most terrible of times, and you’ll never be the same again (but for all the right reasons). Much love to you and yours!! xxx

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