When Dragonsoul was a game…

Back in the day, most of my writing was for game mods. And so, one day, I decided to use the Neverwinter Nights Aurora Engine to write my own game. It was called Dragonheart, and followed the story of a young adventurer whose village was destroyed by a mysterious sorceress called Sirene. Along the way, they met a mysterious stranger called Kailas, and a race of humans descended from dragons called the Kindred. I never finished this because a) coding is hard and b) I realised I wanted to write it as a novel… but here are some screenshots from my shelved game 🙂

If you right click on the images and ‘view image’, you get to see a the full-size screenshots.

Early concepts for Merrowvale.

More Merrowvale

Snowy escape

The Waterfall Shrine’s entrance

Earliest concept for Kailas (his portrait was part of a pack and was painted by Marie Rose, an artist I used to chat with over on DeviantART. I never did finish my version of Kailas’s portrait…)

A quest! See, I did do some coding (it took me forever…)

The Crustal Forest… before it was Crystal 🙂

Meeting First (who, ironically, isn’t in this novel. If I write the sequel, she would be in that). First is one of the Kindred.

Close up of First.

In the Seneschal Forest with Kailas, looking for the Kindred.

Fleeing from danger with Kailas.

Meeting the Kindred (note: in this version, Merrowvale was called Belleville)

Kailas’s model. In the game, he was older and had a Kindred heritage of his own (hence the wings). This was changed in the novel so the story made more sense.

I’ve kept these concepts (there are LOADS more) because they’re part of my journey to completing Dragonsoul. in a way, I kind of wish I had persevered with it. But then, I wouldn’t have a novel, so swings and roundabouts…

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