How to write when there’s no time to write – part two

Some absolutely sterling advice about finding time to write (and some I need to follow myself!)

The house of crooked sisters

Oh, the irony in taking my time to post the second part in my series about how to write when there’s not time to write. My only reason has been, yes, really, lack of time. In my defence I’ve just been through some icky personally stuff I won’t boar you with, but this does, in away, lead onto the start of part two of by blog.

Don’t be guilty.

When you’re trying to find time to write, the wist thing you can do, or one of them, is to blame yourself when you don’t. Yes, I am going to go on to describe ways to keep the momentum going, but leaving all those aside, if you don’t keep to your schedule, if you find you miss writing sessions and so forth, whatever else you do, don’t beat yourself up about it. I say this, because blame and guilt leads to…

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