Black Smokers – A Lovecraftian Horror Novella




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About the book:
The Children of Dagon are rising…

When the sea floor in the Pacific mysteriously drops a few thousand feet, marine biologists, Tom Kinneard and Brett Gilman, accompanied by geologist Ailsa MacDonald, take a manned sub to investigate. What they discover not only re-writes the science textbooks, but also explains the mysterious disappearances of people born on the Lost Day: 29th February. Can they stop the rising of the Children of Dagon, even though one of their number may actually want it to happen?

One after the other, the monitors fizzled out, their screens dissolving into static. Still Brett forced the Aurora forwards, following that tiny spot of light along the sea floor. Things scurried out of our path upon jointed legs, snapping their oversized claws at us as we passed. The black smokers now reached unprecedented size, towering over us on each side, their accompanying tube worms creating huge forests of calcareous tubes whilst their tentacled heads leered down upon us.

I reached behind myself and fumbled at the straps of a spare oxygen tank. Ailsa, her eyes wide, sat upon the floor in stupid terror and watched dumbly as Brett—passionate, brilliant Brett—continued to mutter to himself, gibbering on and on about the stars and how they were finally right, and that now, maybe, after all these years, they would finally let her go-

I felt the strap loosen. I pulled it open and wrapped my fingers securely around the neck of the tank. Just one, hard smack should do it. Not to kill, of course; just incapacitate. Then, up and out of this alien world. I suppose I should have realized there was no way Brett would cope with such a discovery. As brilliant as he was, his constant chatter about ancient gods sleeping under the ocean should have alerted me to his mental state. But I was too keen—too desperate—to succeed that I ignored the signs, made excuses, dismissed his talk as over-imaginative nonsense and concentrated upon his remarkable affinity for marine sciences. The canister was heavier than I remembered. I lifted it clumsily and raised it over my head, preparing myself for what had to be done.

Everything went dark.

I dropped the canister with a clang that echoed throughout the sub. Ailsa, her fright too much to scream, whimpered.

“Do you see?” Brett whispered. “Out there…do you see?”

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