Predator X

My latest novel, Predator X, is out NOW!

Published by Severed Press, it is currently ebook only, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. A paperback version will follow soon.

When deep level oil fracking uncovers a vast subterranean sea, a crack team of cavers and scientists are sent down to investigate.
Upon their arrival, they disappear without a trace.
A second team, including sedimentologist Dr Megan Stoker, are ordered to seek out Alpha Team and report back their findings. But Alpha team are nowhere to be found – instead, they are faced with something unexpected in the depths.
Something ancient.
Something huge.
Something dangerous…

Predator X Cover

Predator X Cover

2 thoughts on “Predator X

  1. Richard Bleksley says:

    Well done, Claire!

    Do I like it? Nah, I love it. It’s good. Very good. As good as any horror story I’ve ever read. I was gripped from start to finish.

    The influence of H P Lovecraft is plain (and you are very far from alone in that), but you have taken the good bits, discarded the bad, and created something that is your very own (and better).

    The story moves along at a cracking pace. You create tension from the off and maintain it relentlessly throughout, and the twists near the end are killers

    Your characters are vivid and believable, and you sketch them in with deft, economical brushstrokes.

    The prose is taut and punchy, with not a word wasted. The colloquial, sardonic style brings out the creepiness and the horror all the more strongly by contrast, not to mention pulling the reader in by being a breeze to read. Megan’s is a good, strong voice.

    You strike just the right balance with the horror. No gratuitous nastiness. All of it is functional, necessary to the story, and you don’t lay it on too thick.

    Right from the off I felt I was in the company of a writer who knew exactly what she was doing, a born storyteller. You have written a creepy, chilling little gem. Congratulations.

    And I shall never look at a shoggoth in the same way again…

  2. Thank you so much, Richard – it means so much that you enjoyed reading this! xx

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