Edward in a Glitter Factory

Hello everyone! Back from Dorset now – meant to post sooner, but the kids have been ill and Emily has decided yet again that sleep is for weak babies, so I’m a little disconnected from reality right now. As in ‘I’m pretty sure those blue sparkles that light everything up like Edward in a glitter factory aren’t really there’.

This has nothing to do with the blog. I'm just sticking it here because I think it's funny. *sniggers*


Any hoo – that’s all by the by, ‘cos the real purpose of this blog is to share a Fantasy Short Story competition with you all:

Fantasy Writing Competiton 

I’m thinking of entering… well, I’ve got until June, and on a good day (if Embo sleeps!) I can knock out 2K a day and the limit is 8K…  so why not? I’m thinking of possibly using Kailas’s backstory (main male protag from Dragonsoul) as my stimulus – his past is only really hinted at in the novel, so this would be a good excuse to explore his character a bit more and get a short story out of it, too.

But, then again, I have the attention span of a gnat (a sparkly gnat, no less) right now, so we’ll see…

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