Well, I’ve done it now.

I have just submitted Dragonsoul to Tor UK.

Who are Tor UK, you ask?

Only one of the biggest publishers of fantasy, science fiction and horror novels in the UK. They accept unsolicited manuscripts, but I’ve been putting it off because a rejection from them kind of tells you it’s time to give up the dream with this particular novel. But, as Delboy says, he who dares, wins, plus other such ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ platitudes.

There literally aren’t enough Maltesers in the world to calm my shattered nerves.

Oh well, onward and upwards! Time to get back to editing Predator X, I suppose!

*silent, terrified scream of ‘what have I done?!!?’*

3 thoughts on “Well, I’ve done it now.

  1. timmatthews1 says:

    Congrats and Good Luck. Tor Uk are an amazing publisher. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t accept you, though. There are loads of other big SF/Fantasy publishers who you might find are a better fit for your work.
    And, if they do reject you just think, at least one of the biggest SF/ Fantasy publishers READ your work. That’s huge. Then when you’ve thought about that. Write something else and send them that too! 🙂
    Again, Good Luck with it. Having to guts to put your work out there is half the battle. I hope I have the courage to do it when my MS is ready.

    • Thanks for this – I think I need it! I’ve been putting off submitting to them since September due to, well, terror, but now I’ve got to the point where it’s poop or get off the pot. I love Dragonsoul (hell, I have to – if I don’t, no one will!) and I have to give it the best chance I can. Sending it to mainstream agents hasn’t been all that successful, but then I think most fantasy writers know that feeling well. I suppose I should be grateful they accept unsolicited MSs! Shame they only accept wordcounts of over 95,000, because I’d like to send Moreau to them, too, but that’s only 75,000… :-/

      Good luck with your novel !I won’t lie, querying is like Chinese Water Torture, but the thought of self publishing is even more terrifying, so… *sheepish grin* I don’t know how those self pubbers do it. Talk about balls of steel… O_o

  2. Gerry Fenge says:

    As an English teacher you’ll be well aware that opinions can vary and even the most respected colleague can fail to quite get something that seems obvious to you. So if an editor at Tor UK similarly fails to get it, never mind; it’s just another instance of random factor. Of course, it would be handy if said editor were a work colleague because then you could go back to him/her and say “Hang on, haven’t you noticed such and such?” and said colleague, being the enlightened soul you know and love, would clasp forehead and exclaim, “By thunder, Elysia, you’re right.” Things being as they are, though, you may have to do a bit of shoulder shrugging (or not, of course, if – glory be – the editor does get it!)

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